Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chalkboard Technique

Who hasn't used their solid flower images in a while???? If this is you go pull out one right now and try this technique. It is so EASY. I love it. This is my first attempt and it's called Chalkboard. There are 2 ways to do this technique . (I did technique 1)
Technique 1:
First you need dark cardstock, I used black. A solid image like a flower (this is one of my new images from Flourishes). A white inkpad. A good set of artist's pencils, I used Prismacolor and last but not least Odourless mineral spirits (OMS) or gamsol.
Simply stamp your image on to the black cardstock. DIP your pencil into the OMS and color over top of the stamped image. How easy is that!!!!. You do not need to seal it when finished.

Technique 2:
Basically this is the same as chalk popping. Stamp your image with the white ink on to black card. Instead of using pencils grab out your chalks, stampin pastels, etc. Sponge (finger) daubers are also useful. Using your dauber, pick up the chalk colour
and apply to white stamped image. I wipe the card over with a cottonball when I'm finished. then I spray sealer on it so the chalk doesn't wipe off.
Splitcoast has a tutorial showing technique 2

Until Next time
Inking of you all

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Angie B. said...

Hi Michelle,
I just love your artwork, your shading is beautiful. I too live in Australia - although I'm on the Gold Coast - Would you mind sharing which Odourless Mineral Spirit you use? I am quite dissappointed that it is not possible to buy Gamsol here in Australia. I would love to hear which Odourless Mineral Spirit you use to get such great results in your shading. Many many thanks Angie - my email address is