Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where I live....

Many of you who read my Blog are in the USA, and have asked me about where I live. So yesterday I headed in to the city and took a couple of photos from the lookout.
This is Canberra, The Capital of Australia (very much like Washington DC). It is very different to some of our other major Capital Cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra is very small in comparison. Canberra is also not as busy and congested. I live in an 'outer suburb' and it takes me less than 20 minutes to get to the City Centre.

A little about this photo, the 'red strip' is the centre of a six lane road ANZAC Parade, It has memorials down each side as a tribute to all our Servicemen and women. This Avenue has a lot of meaning to Australians. Directly acoss the lake there is Old Parliament House and just beyonf that our 'New' Parliament House. The lake is called Lake Burley Griffin and is just beautiful, you can see a fountain spurting water high into the air. The City Centre is the group of building on the right hand side, like I said quite small and our buildings have height restrictions (i think 6 or 8 floors).

It is winter at the moment and although you can't see it there is some snow on the mountains. I just love living here, It's such a pretty city. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my city.


Anita said...

Thanks for sharing where you are. It is a beautiful city.

Shirley said...

Michelle, thank you for sharing about where you live. I find it beautiful. I live in NC, USA and it is very green and pretty here too!