Monday, February 21, 2011

I will be back soon

Hello, I will be back in about 4 weeks.
I have spent the last 6 months living in a bedroom at friends place, she has been so fantastic ( as have all my friends been) since my husband left me after 21 years. I truly am blessed to have such special friends in my life. The downside is all my stamping supplies have been in storage and little to no card making has been achieved.
Now things are moving full speed ahead, I have purchased a little cottage that needs a little work and then I can move in, unpack my supplies and get back to crafting.
So come back towards the end of March and see what I've been up to.
Hugs M


Holly said...

so good to hear from you Michelle, and I really look forward to seeing you get back to making your beautiful cards. I'm glad you've had wonderful friends to help you through such a hard time.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Can't wait to see you and your cards again. Have been thinking of you and yes it is the beginning of great new adventures and a wonderful life.

Teresa said...

so glad to hear you'll be back soon - I look forward to your first post back :)

Carol Southern said...

It's good to see you back Micelle...well almost. I've visited your page regularly to see if you had posted and today...YES.
I hope your moving in goes OK.
You look terrific too!
Look forward to seeing your cards again in March.